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Pre-Approval Requirements

• Names and addresses for two full years
• Gross monthly income
• W-2s for two years, if available
• Year to date pay stub
• Proof of income from rentals, investments, etc.
• Proof of retirement, disability or Social Security
• Proof of child support or alimony paid/received

If self-employed:
• Two years Federal Income Tax Returns
• Current year profit and loss statement

• Each creditor’s name, address, and type of account
• Account numbers for each
• Monthly payments and approximate balances
• Amounts of child care expenses

• Names and addresses of banking institutions
• Account numbers for all accounts
• Type of accounts and present balances

• List of assets in stocks, bonds, and property
• Life insurance cash value (documented if used as cash down payment)
• If applicant is selling a home, a copy of sales contract
• Social Security numbers for all parties
• Veterans – Certificate of Eligibility #DD-214
• Cash or check to pay for application fee