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Design a Bedroom With These 6 Simple Tips

by Theresa D'Antuono 09/03/2021

Image by Burst via Pexels

Bedrooms offer a great opportunity to create cozy and relaxing sleep environments while incorporating different style elements. The bedrooms in your home don’t need to have the same style overall, so feel free to use different designs in each one. Whether you want an airy, mostly white bedroom or a bedroom with some dramatic flair, consider the following design ideas for these parts of your home.

Light vs. Dark

Bedrooms with white or light neutral colors can provide a calming atmosphere, while bedrooms with darker tones can offer a more cozy look and feel. If you choose a lighter-colored bedroom design, you can add color with throw pillows, lamps and other accent pieces as desired. For a darker-colored bedroom, you can lighten it up a bit to keep it from feeling stifling or overwhelming. For example, use white bedding in a room with dark walls and floors. When choosing darker colors for your bedrooms, consider deep blues, browns, greens, grays or similar tones.

Furniture Size

Since your bedrooms should offer a relaxing place to sleep, you don’t want them to look cluttered or crowded. Keep this in mind when choosing beds, dressers, nightstands and other furniture. You should try to keep furniture to a minimum, which can help prevent clutter from piling up on dresser tops and other surfaces. Store clothing and other items in closets and storage bins under beds, so that you won’t need to have more dressers taking up space in your bedrooms.


Lighting in bedrooms might not seem like a priority, but it makes a big difference. Keep in mind that you might need extra lighting for tasks such as reading. If you’re choosing new overhead lighting fixtures for bedrooms, consider decorative ones that add visual appeal rather than plain fixtures. You can also add lighting with table lamps that match the rest of your decor or stylish wall sconces that provide soft lighting.


Headboards can add style or personality to bedrooms. Instead of choosing plain or traditional headboards, you might want to choose ones that have a more unconventional style, such as a brighter color or an unusual shape. Just make sure that the bedding you choose complements your headboard instead of clashing with it. If you enjoy reading, choose a headboard with built-in shelves that provide convenient places to store books.

Accent Wall

Accent walls can provide bedrooms with a visually interesting feature that draws the eye while also offering a soothing environment that’s ideal for sleep. Consider doing an accent wall in a slightly different color from the other walls, such as a soft gray wall in a room with white walls. You can cover accent walls with pieces of artwork that create a calming atmosphere, such as images of the sea, woodlands or other natural settings.

Reading Nook

If you have larger bedrooms, consider setting up reading nooks. These areas provide a cozy corner or area for reading before bed or during the day. You can set up a reading nook near a window, which allows you to enjoy outdoor views and natural light. All your reading nook really needs is a comfortable chair, small side table and a lamp or other lighting nearby. You can add an area rug to define this space if desired. 

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